The dance school twerking

You should be dancing !, from Altea. Welcome to our Series Twerking for ginners.
In the previous tutorial we launched a survey asking if you wanted a tutorial on the movements of the woman’s hip in the Twerking. Those who follow us on Twitter and Instagram you know the result.
And this is,… With a total of % of votes in favor and % of votes against, the audience has decided that today, we give my brother a vacation. Calm down, I’ll take care of it, you enjoy the tutorial.
But this was not necessary, huh? Those who have seen all the tutorials of this Series, you know and if not now you will know, that the tutorial # it was a small demonstration of exercises,

Movements of twerking                      

In that tutorial we received a lot of comments asking for explanations of everything I did. Therefore, and I ask you to trust in me, today you will only learn to dissociate the torso and the hip.
Which will be very important for the next tutorial, in which you will learn the specific hip movements for each step. Promised!. Before starting I want to thank you for the quantity of LIKES that we had in the previous tutorial the first  hours,… Will we overcome that amount today?. Now is the time. What are we going to do today?. Before focusing on the specific movements of the steps, we need to understand how our torso and hip can move. So today, you will do with me a series of exercises, that is, learn to move the torso and hip independently of the rest of the body. And if the boys are already thinking in switching video, this will also be very useful for you, and not only for the Twerking, also for other dances. How are we going to do it?. Stand like me, with legs apart and slightly bent. We open our arms to move the torso sideways. Left,… Right,… Left,… We relaxed our arms and we raised the rhythm Finished. Very well done!. Girls, boys,… These are the exercises which I do weekly,

Train you body with twerking 

You also need to train yours to tackle the following tutorial. In addition, these exercises also serve for other dances, such as Twerk, Hip Hop, dance. Of course, according to the dance, we will give more importance to some exercises or we will add new ones. This isn’t easy, but not impossible.Don’t be satisfied, you can always improve. The more you practice the better. Now that you are a little more capable to move your torso and hip, you are ready for our next tutorial. “How to move your hip when dancing twerking. I would like to know how you have been practicing, leave me a comment with your experience. Very important!. Some of you have written to us saying, YouTube does not notify when we upload a video. Very easy!. That way you’ll be the first to see it. You can also follow us on our social networks, where we inform you of the development of the next tutorials. If you liked the tutorial of today as much as me, give it a LIKE!,