Top 10 Twerking video

Welcome to the best top 10 page of the twerking video where you can find the best of this site classified by categories and you will see what was more viral for days and months, since we always wanted to rank the most seen of the day since To if we can know that twerking video grabbed most liked by people, and that people who enter this top 10 can see it and vote their favorite.

How the top 10 twerking video work

Every time we upload a twerking video according to the visits and votes of our users, the algorithm of our web filters everything and knows that it feels viral on the web and classifies it in the section top 10, Every time you update the algorithm pos each time That we upload a video and have enough visits and shared in the social networks pos is put to work,

¿Why have we implemented this?

Because as you know in twerking hub we owe to be always on top of the other webs, Because our con is much better than the others, Actuality of twerking video, Everyday there are many new twerking video and it is better to have them in a top 10 to know which viral grab,

¿Is this web the best of Twerking?

I think that if it is not soon it will be because if you look there are not many that can resemble this, Since we know how to make this web very big in the genre of twerking video, Since we have the best videos of hot girls and Every day we publish new videos for you, If you are the most active we ask you to share the content by social networks and your friends so they can flip with the hot girls there.

¿Is this the best twerking hub section?

Pos we did not know to say since this web so much that we do not know that section is the best, Since we never stop improving it to a little one every day we improve it, Soon we will have a section where they can send us your comments about the page And what you would like to see or improve, since we think of our audience not as other pages do.